Floral Tribute Regulations

Please help us maintain our historic grounds by respecting the regulations for placement of floral tributes.  Floral tributes have historically performed two important functions: to remember and honor a loved one and to beautify the area where they have been interred. Oak Hill Cemetery’s tribute regulations support these important roles while protecting our visitors, structures, and landscape.

Decorations made of natural plant materials are permitted in accordance with our rules.  Fresh flowers may be used and we encourage their use.  A limited amount of artificial plant material made of silk may be placed in approved containers and may remain as long as the material is of excellent quality and condition.  The cemetery may remove this material at its sole discretion.

Winter wreaths consisting of only natural materials are permitted between November and mid-January, subject to placement rules.  The cemetery will remove wreaths and stands as they become unsightly or beginning mid-January.

The Cemetery does not permit artificial decorations made of plastic.  Balloons, pinwheels, chimes, paper, or large toys may not be laid on or near a site.  Metal containers or metal-based containers which may rust are prohibited.  Due to health and safety reasons, glass containers, loose stone, food, bottles or cans are not permitted.

Appropriately sized decorations may be placed for walk path or step sites if they consist of plant material laid at the side of the path or in a temporary container placed to the side of the path or if the site includes adjacent space, next to the path.  These may not be placed upon adjacent pathway sites or lots.  Permanent pots or containers may not be placed on walk paths.

Nothing may be attached to or around a niche cover in Willow Columbarium.  Appropriately sized decorations for Willow Columbarium are allowed if they consist of cut live flowers laid on the floor at the base of a column or in a temporary container placed at the base of a column.  These may not be placed upon adjacent pathway sites or lots.  Permanent pots or containers may not be placed in the columbarium.

The Cemetery shall have the right at its sole discretion to remove all decorations or plantings of any kind.  This includes containers, stands, or the like, which contain materials that become unsightly or do not comply with the Cemetery policy.  In the event the Cemetery removes such items, the items shall be deemed abandoned and the Cemetery shall have the right to dispose of such items in any manner it deems appropriate and shall not be liable in any respect for the removal and disposal of such items.

If you have any questions regarding the regulations, please contact our office by email at info@oakhillcemeterydc.org or by phone at (202) 337-2835.