Casket Sites

Throughout its history, Oak Hill Cemetery has been a place of remembrance, a place to mourn the loss of a loved one, and a place to celebrate a life will lived of someone who has passed away. We are committed to continued service as a community resource for the interment of loved ones. By purchasing a spot at Oak Hill, you can be assured that you or your loved one’s legacy will live on among the beautiful surroundings at Oak Hill Cemetery. What better place could there be!

Available Casket Sites

The original design of Oak Hill Cemetery provided for literally hundreds of plots for families who planned for several generations of burials.   In a few areas the land was divided into individual burial sites or was originally set aside for other uses.  There remain a number of sites capable of accepting two caskets, one set over the other. Owners will have the opportunity to memorialize their loved ones with traditional full-sized monuments, blended among those already in place, some of which have been set for well over 100 years.

As Captain George de la Roche’s mid-19th century pathways are being renovated and restored, a limited number of double crypts for casket interments are installed underground, where hillside slopes are not too steep and shade tree rooting systems do not prevail. Some pathways are covered with granite stones set in mortar which may be inscribed with names and dates. Other walkways are grass covered with the option of setting a traditional memorial stone adjacent the burial sites.

If you are interested in purchasing a burial plot, please contact Paul Williams, Superintendent, by email at or by phone at (202) 337-2835.