We invite you to join thousands of donors who are helping to preserve our historic site. Over time, as interment space at Oak Hill Cemetery is no longer available for purchase, we anticipate that the cemetery’s responsibilities will become those of the Foundation’s. The Foundation has already started these efforts to maintain our beautiful landscape by planning, securing funding, and conducting preservation and restoration work. Our goal is to continue to be a vibrant community resource to all, therefore we need your help. There are many ways to donate, and because the Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization, your gift is fully tax-deductible.

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As stewards of an active cemetery and a national treasure, our mission is to is to preserve the publicly accessible Oak Hill Cemetery, a nineteenth-century romantic garden park cemetery, its historic interment sites, structures, and records, and to support its functions and activities.

Our vision is an aspiration and inspiration. We want to continue to preserve Oak Hill Cemetery as an enduring place of sanctuary, beauty, and history.