Burial Records

Since 1849, the staff at Oak Hill Cemetery has meticulously recorded the name and the interment location for every person buried on our historic grounds. The records are useful to families for genealogical studies, and others who wish to explore some of the history of the Washington, DC area. Records are updated periodically to reflect more recent interments.

Individual burials may be located from the index below, which links to tombstone inscriptions and burial records that were published in Wesley E. Pippenger’s “Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown, D.C.: Monument Inscriptions and Burial Data, Parts One and Two” (2007).

Section and Lot Maps

Individual lots may be located on cemetery section maps, as below.

Overall Cemetery Section Plan | Amphitheater Section | Chapel | Chapel Hill Section | Chapel Valley Section | Corcoran Section | Davidson Section | East Gate Section | Ellipse | Henry Crescent | Joyce Section | Louise Home Section | Montrose Section | North Hill Section | Reno Hill Section | Rock Creek Section | Stewart Section | Stewart Section Extended | Van Ness Section | Border 1 | Borders 2-3 | Border 4, 6 and 7 (see Rock Creek Section plan) | Borders 5 and 9 | Border 8 (see Chapel plan) | Pathways”: Abelia Pathway Crypts, Azalea Pathway Crypts, Camellia Pathway Crypts, Chapel Terraced Niches, Chapel Hill Terraced Niches, Dogwood Cremation Niches, Honeysuckle Pathway Crypts, Ivy Pathway Crypts, Magnolia Cremation Niches, Mignonette Pathway Crypts, Maples Cremation Niches, Myrtle Pathway Crypts, Nandina Pathway Crypts, Passionfower Pathway Crypts, Piony Pathway Crypts, Poplar Cremation Niches, Renwick Cremation Sites, Rhododendron Pathway Crypts, and White Oak Cremation Niches.